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By registering a free multi-currency wallet in the Paytion system, you get access to your funds at any time, 24/7.

You must admit, it is much more convenient to manage all currencies from one account.

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Want to enjoy the use of cryptocurrency?

A three-step cryptocurrency purchase within the system:


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Easy ways of purchasing cryptocurrency with Paytion:

  • • With credit cards
  • • SWIFT transfers
  • • via Paytion terminals

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Easy ways of purchasing cryptocurrency with Paytion:

  • • With credit cards
  • • With wallets

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Had any difficulties using cryptocurrency in everyday life?

We blur the border between cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Use digital currencies for any transfers and, if necessary, easily return to traditional monetary units with the help of instant conversion via the Paytion system.

We provide our clients with minimal fees and optimal exchange rates. Moreover, you get additional discounts for your transactions!

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No fees

Paytion loves its customers

For a convenient exchange of funds, make any transfers within the system for free! Pay off with friends and delight loved ones - you do not need to pay any fees.

Saving now - you increase your future capital.

Bring your friends to Paytion and get 30% of companys profit!

We want you to enjoy the use of cryptocurrencies together and appreciate the functionality of the payment system to the full.

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No limit

Keep your money in Paytion

Tired of paying from different accounts? Limits of payment systems bring inconvenience and a lot of time is wasted?

Paytion will solve this problem for you: keep as much money as you see fit. Make your life easier.


Your security comes first

We provide a high level of internal security, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to confidential information.

For a secure storage of cryptocurrency and your funds, we use advanced software, data encryption systems and modern cyber security equipment.


The main feature of Paytion is accessibility


Paytion is pleased to provide assistance in purchasing electronic currencies for cash. Production of personal terminals is aimed at simplifying this process for you.


Paytion terminals provide the opportunity of depositing cash to purchase cryptocurrency and replenish your crypto-wallet. Quick QR-code authorization with the mobile application and user-friendly interface.


Branded plastic cards that make it possible to pay with cryptocurrency or fiat money anywhere in the world. (Under implementation)