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Crypto currency generation. Optimization of life. It's Paytion

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Why Paytion?

Ease of coin purchase

Get access to cryptocurrencies in 3 clicks. Simple. Convenient. Reliable

Instant exchange

Exchange cryptocurrency quickly and with minimal commission. The speed of exchange means saving of your time.

Replenishment via terminal

Replenish your wallets with cash using one QR-code. It has never been easier.

No limits

With Paytion you keep as much money as you think necessary. No limits - no problems.

No fees

Do transfers within the Paytion system for free. No fees - no extra costs.


Do you want to enjoy using cryptocurrency?

Register your wallet for free and manage your own funds regardless of your location. Bonuses are provided for registered system users.

*For registered users of the system provides bonuses.

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Looking for ways to increase profits in your business?

By integrating our payment system, you get the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies and attract new customers. We provide a reliable API.

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Provide services of buying and selling cryptocurrencies through Paytion terminals, make a profit from each transaction and find ways of its application in everyday life.

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